PAgFRUIT researchers and technicians awarded with the Farm@thon Spain price in agricultural robotics applications

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The postdoctoral researcher Jordi Gené-Mola, member of the PAgFRUIT project, together with the technicians Marc Felip and Francesc Net, who formed the team called "FRUIT HUNTERS", presented the results of fruit detection developed within the framework of the PAgFRUIT project. These results were presented in framework of the the First Farm@thon Spain context, organized by Lleidadron, Fira de Sant Miguel Lleida 2022 and the company Farm-ng. The workshop was sponsored by the company Farm-ng and was addressed to programmers and developers of applications in agricultural robotics, encouraging them to present ideas under develpoment and proofs of concept. The develpoment by the "Fruit Hunters" consisted in the implementation of and algorithm to handle the Amiga robot to detect fruits on trees.

The Amiga robot is an all-electric micro-tractor that is easy to adapt to any farm’s cropping systems. The Amiga allows growers to easily and repeatedly implement cultural practices, profitably, while reducing manual labor, maintenance and fuel costs. In this line, the event organized at Fira de Lleida, tries to find advanced solutions that extend the Amiga, making it the future proof platform of choice for any farm.

The prize consisted of a Luxonis Oak-D Spatial AI camera, which is the one carried by the robot. It is an RGB-D (stereovision) camera that incorporates a microprocessor to process the images in the device itself.