Precision agriculture technologies to optimize canopy management and sustainable crop protection in fruit orchards (PAgFRUIT)

PAgFRUIT is a Research Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, under the Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020 R+D+I Program Oriented to the Challenges of Society (Spanish Research Agency) (Project Code RTI2018-094222-B-I00). The project is addressed to Precision and Sustainable Fruit Production.

The project aims to continue previous work on Precision and Sustainable Fruit Production of the Research Group on AgroICT and Precision Agriculture (GRAP, University of Lleida), to which the major part of the research team and of the working plan team belong.

The use of photon-based sensors are presumed to be a key technology in 3D canopy phenotyping. In this respect, the project will suppose a steep forward in the precise characterization of vegetative growth, fruit detection and modelling of lighting conditions, which influence the physiological response of trees. Also sampling methods for more efficient yield estimation and better crop scouting will be developed. In addition, phytosanitary treatments will be optimized on the basis of early pests and diseases detection and map-based applications. This will contribute to a more sustainable fruit production.